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Video is the Future of Content Marketing

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Video is transforming the way consumers view marketed content. Social media apps like TikTok have changed the dynamics of brand-to-consumer communication. As this shift has become more evident in our everyday lives, so has the approach to social media marketing.


We’re highlighting a few of our favorite video content strategies from some of the biggest brands in the U.S. and across the globe.


User-Generated Content

Dunkin’ is a great example of a big brand featuring primarily user-generated content on their video feeds. Their customers record videos ordering coffee at the drive-thru, trying new menu items, and making creative concoctions with at-home coffee products. These videos inspire other users to try popular seasonal drinks and taste the newest donut flavors for themselves. Some may say this is a stronger marketing approach than others because it acts as a subtle form of advocacy that can influence an on-the-fence mindset and motivate buying behavior.


It’s part of the ✨experience✨ @thewadeempire #dunkin #icedcoffee

♬ original sound – Dunkin’

Trending Sounds

The San Diego Zoo takes the latest TikTok trends and applies them to videos of their animals. By doing this, they instantly position themselves in trending video feeds and place their content in front of thousands of viewers, giving each a front-row seat to the unique names and funny quirks of a variety of beautiful creatures. If you’ve ever shared a cute video of a baby otter splashing around, then you know why this strategy is effective for companies like the San Diego Zoo!


Would your mate weave you a nest? #DIYprojects #AnimalLover #sandiegozoo

♬ Works Of Art – RobertKenobi

Audience Engagement

Cult Beauty, a UK-based beauty brand, uses video platforms to connect with customers directly. Their content ranges from skin and hair care advice to ‘how to’ videos for the best use of their products. They address popularly asked questions by creating videos where Cult Beauty employees respond to an individual user’s recent comment with a visual and verbal answer. This strategy makes customers feel seen, heard, and special. It sends a message that the brand itself values the community they’ve created highly enough to spend time 1-on-1 with their consumers.


Reply to @rosiebickham123 #skincare #skincareadvice #skincareroutine #glowingskin #glassskin

♬ original sound – Cult Beauty

Sensory Response Content

This type of content falls into the category commonly called ‘oddly satisfying’ or ‘ASMR’ (satisfying sounds) and can involve anything from restocking a well-organized refrigerator to power washing a dirty driveway. Sensory response content isn’t always sourced from the brand itself. Scrub Daddy, for example, is getting a mass amount of free marketing by simply being one of the most highly used products in TikTok’s #cleantok user generated videos.


@scrubdaddy really outdid themselves with this stuff 💪🏻 #cleantok #asmr #asmrsounds #scrubdaddypartner

♬ Aesthetic – Angium


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