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5 Tips for Copywriting that Converts

Tip #1: Poke the Pressure Points

Structure your sentences around each pain point your customers are likely experiencing right now, then add information on how your services provide solutions to these common problems.


Tip #2: Incorporate Your Customer’s Lingo

It’s important to listen to your customer’s so you can speak their language. Not only will this help you write copy that better communicates with your audience, but it will ensure that your customers feel seen & heard.


Tip #3: Every Word is Important.

Try not to use too many adjectives. Make every word matter and eliminate filler words. Your core audience and customers that will buy from you are reading every single word. Write like it counts.


Tip #4: Add Another Voice like an Endorsement or a Testimonial.

Nothing shows credibility and confidence like hearing directly from a client or customer. Utilize their feedback and experience with your brand to help showcase your value.


Tip #5: End with a Clear Call-to-Action.

Now that you’ve got your audience’s attention, don’t miss the opportunity to capture a lead. Close your copywriting with a strong & precise statement that drives them to take immediate action.



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