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Meet our Team

The TCB team is a collective of creatives with over 30+ years of experience working in the creative and marketing industries.

Heather Troline

Founder / Chief Creative Officer

Heather Troline is a creative producer and experienced marketer with over 15 years of experience in retail, automotive and lifestyle marketing. She has held positions that include CMO, COO, Sr. Marketing Director, and Lead Producer for multiple brands and Marketing/PR companies. She has worked with hundreds of talented and dynamic creatives as well as marketing professionals over the years and has cultivated a select group to work with her and her team at TCB. She loves partnering with companies and brands of all sizes to help them craft their unique stories and produce creative that connects with clients and customers.

Heather is based in Atlanta with her husband and three young children.

Learn more about Heather on her website at

Sammie Howard

Senior Creative Director

With more than 10 years of experience in Graphic Design, Sammie brings a wealth of creative perspective and insight to the TCB team. Her portfolio ranges from Food & Beverage to Sports Marketing, Personal Branding, Wedding & Events, the Automotive industry, Technology, Media, Interior Design, Fitness, Ecommerce, Construction & Remodeling, the Music industry, and more. She is best known for her innate ability to transform a client’s vision into reality while pushing the innovative boundaries of creativity.

Sammie lives on the outskirts of Boston, MA with her husband and their son.

Krystof Heller

Senior Video Producer

Krystof Heller is an experienced videographer and editor. He has over 15 years of video and production experience working with agencies, brands and clients all over the world. He enjoys telling stories in a meaningful and colorful way through the power of video.

Krystof was born and raised in New York City, where he now lives with his wife and young son.

Bianca Turco

Marketing Assistant

Bianca Turco is our Marketing Assistant and comes to TCB with over 10 years of experience in creative arts and photography. She has a passion for being creative through photography and graphic design. Bianca joined the team to further her experience in digital creative and media. She is based in South Florida with her husband and two sons.


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